• June 14, 2024

Here It Is, The Latest and DANGEROUS Hipster Craze [VIDEO]

 Here It Is, The Latest and DANGEROUS Hipster Craze [VIDEO]

The latest hipster craze, and one of the most dangerous to date, is being played in a trendy San Francisco bar.

Video footage shows two women holding taser guns up to each other’s head, before they squeeze the trigger.

As with a normal Russian roulette game, there is a one in six chance of the person getting an electric shock from the gun. The gun goes off with a loud bang when it sends a shock.

In the video, a taser gun is first passed around the group, with each person pointing it at their arm before pulling the trigger. One of the men points it at his head before firing it – and the gun appears to give him an electric shock.

Another taser gun is then brought out, and the two women hold the guns up against each other’s heads. One of the men counts down before they both pull the trigger – with at least one of the guns going off with a loud bang.

The person who shared the video claims the women had a dispute at work that they decided to settle with the game.

The man, who did not want to be named, said:

“They heard rumors you could play this game in the bar with special Russian roulette pistols.

Their friends asked the women to solve the conflict with a duel. Anyone wishing to play must sign a contract and it is not cheap to play.

They were delighted with the game and the revolvers make a loud sound of a gunshot when it shocks you.”

The game originated in Russia, where it was developed by former martial arts fighter Valeriy Eschenko.

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