Here Is What A 200+ MPH Lamborghini Crash Looks Like [WATCH]

A Hungarian driver who hit a Lamborghini borrowed from a friend sells the car for only 5.300 euros, 46 times less than the value of the car (247.000 euro).

The accident occurred on a highway in Hungary, the driver, 36 years old, wanted to test the myth according to which the Lamborghini Huracán has a maximum real speed greater than that stated by the manufacturer.

After an initial success, the driver insists to “hit” again the top speed of the car, but (what we think it was) a small elevation, led to destabilization of the car and, implicitly, to an accident whose details look alike the collapse of an airplane.

The chaos began at a speed of about 310 km/h (195 mph), as the clip below shot by the passenger shows us.

Following the accident, the driver managed to get him and the passenger ( which was injured pretty bad) out of the car before it become a large globe of fire.

The driver escaped safely from the accident, and now is trying to recover a part of the damaged car by selling what’s left of it online.

The insurance company refuses to cover the damage, because he was driving with a speed far above the limit.

E. Goldstein

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