• February 22, 2024

Here Is How This NYPD Cop Ended Up Severing His 21yo Friends Body In Half [WATCH]

 Here Is How This NYPD Cop Ended Up Severing His 21yo Friends Body In Half [WATCH]


26-year-old Stefan Hoyte, NYPD traffic agent, has been arrested on charges including vehicular homicide and DWI in the death of a woman who was killed in a car crash on the Williamsburg Bridge after a night out celebrating her 21st birthday.

According to investigations, the police officer agent was off-duty at the time of the crash. He was driving the vehicle with another off-duty NYPD traffic agent was in the passenger seat who also happen to be the victim’s boyfriend. Amanda Miner who just turned 21-year-old at the time of the accident was seated in the backseat.

It is still unclear what caused Hoyt to lose control, but reports say the traffic agent was allegedly intoxicated and speeding when he suddenly lost control of the wheel and crashed into a barrier, splitting the vehicle in two. 21-year-old Amanda Miner, who works as a social worker, was thrown out from the car and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Virginia Cabrera Miner, the victim’s mother, got the devastating news the morning after.

“All I know is that my baby’s gone, that’s a tragedy,” she said, her voice breaking as she spoke for an interview. “Yesterday was her 21st birthday and now I’m not gonna be able to see her graduate from college.”


According to Miner’s family she was studying social work at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and had big dreams.

“Ever since she was little, she was all about helping people standing up for the little guy’s rights, for everyone,” her mother said. “She could have changed this world. She changed mine. But now, we’ll never get to see how far she could have gone.”

Hoyte and Miner’s boyfriend were taken to Bellevue Hospital and is both in stable condition and are expected to be OK after suffering minor injuries.

Witnesses say people often go too fast on the bridge.

“People driving too fast on the Williamsburg,” said Jimmy Salazar, resident. “I don’t know why, especially in this weather. You not supposed to do that.”

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