Here Are 5 HILARIOUS Examples of Unfathomable Sadness From Trump Protesters

The protests following the inauguration of President Donald Trump gave rise to the some of the most profound and powerful displays of pathetic behavior and human weakness.

1. Now made infamous for self-evident reasons, this short clip shows what appears to be a woman in a windbreaker screaming at the top of her lungs in vain despair at the exact moment Donald Trump is officially declared president.

2. In response to rioters clashing with law enforcement Friday, police stepped forward and deployed stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowd. While most everyone appears to calmly be jogging away from the front lines, one woman (or man?) comes out of nowhere with a look of absolute terror etched across her face and running from the scene.

3. Reuters captured some humorous footage Friday showing two anarchists dressed all in black and carrying the anarchist flag savagely attacking garbage cans to show their disdain for Trump. Once the anarchists realized that rolling a garbage can on the street for a few feet wasn’t exactly bringing the stateless revolution into fruition, they quickly moved on to more high-value targets, like Starbucks.

4. “I was trying to light myself on fire,” an unidentified protester explained after failing to light himself on fire in front of Trump Hotel. According to this man, Trump is incapable of respecting the Constitution. He was subsequently taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening burns.

5. In what has to be the most bizarre protest figure in recent years, a deranged masked black figure holding a “Fuck Trump” sign runs around the street in no discernible pattern, blowing on a whistle and waving around a rope of clattering odds and ends to make noise.


E. Goldstein

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