Here Are 22 EPIC Fails That Will Make You Laugh [VIDEOS]

Everyone loves a great fail, and what’s funnier than watching fails? Thank goodness for GIFs!

Check out the compilation of the funniest fail GIFs below.

“LET ME IN!!!” “Okay.”

Police Chase Fail

Skateboarding Fail

Taking a Seat Fail

The Art of Yo-Yoing Fail

Tough Guy Fail

Treadmill Fail

Trust Fall… Fail

Well if You Will Stand in Front of the Letter Box

Angry Garbage Truck

Blessing Fail

Cats Don’t Like Crunches

Double the Fail, Double the Fun

Don’t Use Doors, I Make My Own

“I’m Out!”

Invisible Wall Fail

Leap Frog Flop

Learning To Brake Is Important

Logic Fail

Manure. I Hate Manure

Mugger Fail

Logic Fail

H/T Viralscape

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