Heist of A Lifetime: Man Robs Chipotle, Steals One Burrito

A suspected armed robber tried to hold up a Chipotle Mexican Grill but only got away with a burrito, the Des Moines Register reports.

The suspect entered the Chipotle in Des Moines, Iowa, Wednesday evening and stood in line to order a burrito, according to a police report. When he got to the cash register, he had his hand in his sweatshirt pocket and looked “as if he were about to do something,” the cashier said, according to the report.

He told the cashier he had a gun, then he opened a bag and demanded the cashier give him the money from the drawer.

The cashier told police that she was so scared, she ran to the back room of the restaurant, leaving the robber with no recourse. He grabbed the bag of food and fled the restaurant.

“He got away with a $7 burrito,” Sgt. Raymond Carrington of the Des Moines Police told the Des Moines Register.

Police investigators are reviewing security footage of the incident, and say the suspect was a white male wearing a grey hoodie and a black coat, local radio station WHO reports.



E. Goldstein

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