• June 12, 2024

He Was Charging Electric Truck When The Worst Thing In The World Happened…

 He Was Charging Electric Truck When The Worst Thing In The World Happened…

The left is all about pushing electric vehicles on the masses despite the fact we do not have the infrastructure to handle it.

However, that does not matter to these commie asshats.

They want complete control over everyone and pushing electric vehicles onto everyone is just another way to do that.

The cars are not only entirely too expensive but they are not reliable.

Now, I am not against electric vehicles at all, but I do not think as a nation this should be pushed considering the hefty price tag that is associated with these vehicles.

If you do not believe me, just listen to one man’s story of what happened to him after buying one of these vehicles.

Eric Roe went ahead and purchased a Ford electric truck and when he was 1,000 miles from home disaster struck.

Roe was at a charging station when he heard a loud pop and that is when it went all downhill.

Roe owns a Ford F-150 Lighting and after that POP he heard, he got out of his vehicle and quickly discovered that his truck was “fried” by the charger. It was NOT just “fried,” but it was destroyed.

This was his first tweet after the truck was ruined… as he says in the tweet, “I’m screwed.”

“Lightning bricked today at an [Electrify America] charger,” Twitter user Eric Roe wrote Sunday afternoon. “I’m 1000 miles from home, the EA charger when [sic] black, and my Lightning won’t move. I’m screwed.”

Eric kept the updates coming, including taking a pic of his truck being towed away.

Here’s what Eric said about his experience:

My @Ford being towed away from an @ElectrifyAm charging station after the EA charger fried my truck. Power Ford in Newport says they need to replace the 12 volt battery before they can diagnose, and it’s some sort of special battery and they don’t have an ETA. Then what??

Going electric beyond inner-city commuting is a complete and total folly and it will never work, and this latest electric Ford truck experiment proves that.

How far can you tow a trailer with a Ford Electric truck before the battery dies?

Well, not very far, folks.

As a matter of fact, it’s a downright disaster.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what one viewer said: When you actually account for a total recharge of the Lightning, you saved only $6. Regular gasoline, which would have been fine, would have cost you roughly $78 and took a couple minutes. A 75% charge cost you $27 which means a full charge would have run you $36…..ONE WAY. Once you pay to recharge again once you reached home base you would have had a total of $72 in recharge cost. Who here is willing to spend an additional 88 minutes of their life to save $6.

And others want to know what this would have looked like towing UPHILL in the Rockies?

Even worse, they imagined.

There are just so many issues going on with electric cars, not only the vehicle but the charging stations, too. Nevermind, that we don’t even have the infrastructure to support an onslaught of new electric cars on the road. But, even so, Dem politicians and their cohorts in the media just keep shoving this “green communism” down our collective throats.

Trust me, they don’t care if you’re stranded 1000 miles from home. These progressives just want to help their donors and supporters kick off their new multi-bazillion-dollar businesses.


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