He Is Cutting A Tree Down Then, Quickly Realizes Blue Liquid Is Pouring Out [video]

Every pair of parents is different. Some like to know the gender of their child. Others prefer to be surprised when the little one is born.

But this lumberjack and his lumberjane are eager to find out what kind of bun they have in the oven. However, instead of a normal gender-reveal video, he decides to spice things up by cutting down a tree. And when he sees what is inside, he couldn’t be happier.  Finding out the gender of the child usually happens after the 20th week although it could be a bit sooner or a bit later, depending on the pregnancy. And learning what you’re going to have is a big deal.

Check out the unique and creative way this plaid-toting couple figured out how to reveal the gender of their baby. But first…let’s go cut down a tree…

When the lumberjack dad-to-be gets on camera, he opens with a larger-than-life questions. He says:

“Sometimes in life you have to turn to nature to find the answers to the questions you really want to know. Like for instance, is my little tyke on the way going to be a lumberjack or a lumberjane? Let’s ask this tree and find out.”

As the lumberjack bends down, he picks up a chainsaw. Seconds later, he has it started and digs it into the tree. He slowly chops away at the tree, cutting it down.

Now before any of you accuse this lumberjack of destroying nature, the video description points out that “No trees were harmed in the making of this video, it was already dead.”

With that out of the way, watch as Trevor cuts into the tree. See if you can tell whether his and Tayler’s baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Trevor cuts deep into the tree. At the 1:15-mark it starts falling over. What’s it going to be? A lumberjack or jane?

“Well it looks like nature has spoken. And we’ll be having a lumberjack.”

Then his wife says, “Yup, it’s a boy.”

Viewers are impressed by the cool gender reveal video. One said: “CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW LUMBERJACK ON THE WAY”

“This is a cool video. Congratulations!”

The video was also picked up by Inside Edition. Here are some people’s responses on their video’s comments:

“Of course a boy. Testosterone baby! Yay and congrats”

“Well You gotta hand it to him.His Idea is unique”

Inside Edition confirms what you just saw: “Trevor and Tayler Hagen turned to nature and got creative when they wanted to reveal the gender of their unborn baby. The couple trekked deep into the woods for the right supplies to let friends and family know if they were having a boy or a girl. In a video, Trevor took a chainsaw to a decomposed tree and cut it through the trunk. In slow-motion, blue paint drips from the tool confirming the pair is having a ‘lumber Jack.’”

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