• July 14, 2024


 HA! WATCH Trump HILARIOUSLY Troll The Media

It has been seven months since President Trump hasn’t been leading the nation but it feels like years.

There hasn’t been in a long time a president that the people love, one that loves American, and one that desires to make this nation great again.

Trump was all that and more since he wasn’t afraid of the mainstream media and their bullying tactics to get him to fall in line with their destructive plans.

Trump instead would mock them openly saying everything we have been thinking for years and man, I totally miss that.

For months, he has been silent thanks to the big tech companies kicking him off all social media essentially silencing him from talking to his supporters.

Then the clouds parted and last night in Wellington, Ohio, Trump stepped on stage and addressed the American people.

And, in classic Trump fashion, he hilariously trolled them for their suffering ratings since his White House exit.

CHeck this out:

“Together, we will send Joe Biden and the fake news media – there’s a lot of people back there, look at that” Trump said as he pointed towards the cameras.

Do you miss me? They miss me,” Trump hilariously asked. “They miss me. They look at their bad ratings and they say ‘We miss this guy’. I said it was gonna happen. I was waiting for them to endorse me, actually,” Trump added.

Watch below:

Gosh, I miss him!

DId you watch the rally last night?

If so, share your favorite Trump moments with us!

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