• June 25, 2024

Guy Get Slammed By Double-Decker Bus And Immediately After Decides He Really Needs A Drink [VIDEO]

 Guy Get Slammed By Double-Decker Bus And Immediately After Decides He Really Needs A Drink [VIDEO]

A speeding double-decker bus in Reading, England swerved into a man and threw him into the air and onto the pavement on Saturday morning. After skidding a good 20 feet down a sidewalk, the man, Simon Smith, responded by promptly standing up and dusting himself off. He then kept calm and walked into a pub.

In the video, the bus — which ended up with a shattered windshield — appears to have sustained more damage than Smith did. Smith suffered some bruises, according to The Telegraph, which provided CCTV footage of the video.

Happily, Smith landed just outside The Purple Turtle, the pub he was planning to visit when the bus smashed into him.

“We’ve known Simon for about 20 years,” Purple Turtle manager Stuart McNaught said after the incident, according to The Telegraph. “He went to the hospital. He’s okay. He’s a bit frail today. He’s not feeling the best. He went to the hospital. The paramedics who called the ambulance took him. He’s bruised and shocked, I think. It’s absolutely crazy.”

A spokesman for the ambulance service said paramedics initially assumed Smith’s injuries were the result of getting hit by flying debris because they appeared to be so minimal.

“He was taken to hospital with minor injuries and discharged later that day, I believe,” the ambulance spokesman said, according to The Telegraph.

Smith’s wife said her husband was lucky to be alive. The bus driver stopped the purple bus just beyond The Purple Turtle after hitting Smith.

“We are obviously shocked by the incident as well as the very graphic footage that has been shared a number of times,” a Reading Buses spokesman said, according to the British newspaper.

“We send our regrets to those affected, especially the pedestrian injured in the street and hope that he is recovering from his injuries.”

The driver has been suspended pending an investigation.

Source: The Daily Caller

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