Group Of Soldiers Stop For Stranded Woman In Road, Did Not Expect How The Event Would Unfold

 Group Of Soldiers Stop For Stranded Woman In Road, Did Not Expect How The Event Would Unfold

A group of soldiers was traveling down a busy street in Port Arthur, Texas when they came across a woman who seemed stranded. After noticing that she looked upset, they decided to stop for her to see how they could help but had no clue what was coming miles down the road.

Mary Mingo Williams (left), Soldiers who help Williams (right)

Mary Mingo Williams was on her way home from work when she stopped at a traffic light but couldn’t get her car to go again after it turned green. As cars whizzed around her, honking and screaming at her for holding up the traffic, she desperately tried to push her car out of the road and onto the shoulder but was struggling to get it to move. Not a single car stopped for this woman until almost an entire “platoon of army men,” as she described them, appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Seeing how dangerous the situation was, the suited-up heroes didn’t just move her immobile car out of harm’s way — they pushed it with their bare hands all the way to the gas station which wasn’t nearby. “I don’t know where they came from, but all of a sudden I had almost a platoon of army men. They pushed my car literally from Motiva Terminal Gate to the Citco station on Gulfway Drive. Do you understand what I’m saying? They pushed my car on their feet,” Williams wrote in her viral Facebook post about what came of this incident.

She was so struck by their effort that they didn’t hesitate to offer for a stranger, that when they all got to the gas station she asked if she could take a photo of them to share that there are still good men in this world who will help a woman in need. They kindly agreed, and as she snapped their picture, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Sources: America Now


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