Graphic Images Show Last Days Of Boy, 7, Who Was Abused, Murdered, Fed To Pigs [WATCH]

KANSAS CITY, KS — Disturbing images of the torture of Adrian Jones, the seven-year-old boy who was abused, murdered, and fed to pigs by his father Michael and stepmother Heather Jones, have emerged and shed light on the horrific abuse the boy endured during his last days on earth.

Jen Hoevers, the Joneses’ landlord at the time in Kansas City, Kansas, said that Heather gave her access to her Apple iCloud account so that she could save pictures of the children.

But when Hoevers logged in, she was horrified to find images of Adrian’s abuse. She took the evidence to police and then to Adrian’s grandmother, Judy Conway, and it was eventually shared with 41 Action News Investigators.

In the graphic images, Adrian can be seen transforming from a happy little boy with, as his grandmother said, an “amazing smile,” into a shell of his former self.

Conway’s daughter was married to Adrian’s father Michael Jones. In 2012, the Kansas Department for Children and Families removed the kids from their biological mother’s home, and gave their father custody. At home with six siblings and his killers, who claimed to be homeschooling him, Adrian was isolated.

In late 2015, police responded to a domestic dispute at their home. When police arrived, they found Adrian’s remains in a livestock pen. Detectives said that he had been fed to pigs, and that it was one of the most gruesome crimes they had ever seen.

The disturbing images show Adrian being forced to stand for hours with his hands in the air. He was blindfolded, confined, and beaten with a broomstick. Surveillance video shows Adrian’s hands and feet handcuffed while he was forced to stay outside, and eating food that had bugs in it.

During Adrian’s last days on earth, the boy was stripped and forced to stand in a shower stall, and spend hours in a dirty swimming pool. He eventually died in that shower stall, where his body was left for weeks.

Be forewarned before you click to view the photos. An editor’s note accompanying the report reads:

“This story contains graphic and disturbing images which have not been seen by the public until now. We struggled to decide what images to include, and they are hard for us to see too. We are not trying to be salacious or sensational by publishing them, and we do not want to further victimize anyone involved. Our goal is accountability. The social and government systems that should protect children may have failed Adrian Jones. By publishing this series, we hope to shine a light on these possible failures.”

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