[VIDEO] Granny With A Gun: Woman Homeowner in Her 70’s Pistol Whips Home Invader

On Wednesday, November 3rd, WLWT-TV 5 and FOX TV 19 reported on an incident that happened after midnight in Middletown, Ohio.

The homeowner, who is in her 70s, told police that she was in bed when she heard a noise in her kitchen.

She went downstairs to check on the noise, only to find an arm reaching in through a window. The victim said “I started scratching, digging at his skin, pushing him, just knocking the crap out of him with my fists.”

The hapless burglar was apparently stuck in the window. Then the woman ran to grab her gun and call 911. Returning to the window, the elderly woman began to beat the intruder with the butt of her gun.

She commented to reporters later “I don’t ever want to kill a person but if I have to, I will.” The burglar eventually got free and ran from the home. Officials said the man dropped his hat during the break-in attempt. Police collected it as evidence.

K-9 units were called to the area and tracked the suspect to nearby Tytus Avenue where he apparently lives. He was not found there. The investigation continues, as of this report, no arrests have been made.

The victim told the media “… I don’t believe that any woman or young girl that’s being attacked should run. Because she’s going to be killed anyways, I believe she should fight back.”


Terrific! With the intruder stuck in her window, the victim didn’t find it necessary to shoot. As resistive as she was, it’s fortunate for the bad guy that he didn’t get into the house. He would certainly have met a hail of lead.

Picture after his inevitable capture the conversation in the jail. “A seventy something old lady beat me up”. He’ll certainly need to make up a better story.

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