GOP Senator: Joe Biden Would Have Beaten Trump “In a Landslide”


Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse got candid in an interview with Ana Marie Cox for New York Times Magazine about the current state of politics and one of the reasons he thinks President Trump won.

And while he thinks Congress — for the most part — is “filled with really nice and well-meaning people,” Sasse also finds it frustrating:

“I’ve been in a lot of companies and not-for-profits and institutions that were really on fire; in a lot of ways, the Senate is the least urgent, least serious institution I’ve ever worked in. There’s this constant fighting. You should agree on what you’re arguing about before you argue: We are either going to work at our house tonight or we’re going to make dinner together and play music in the living room or we’re going to go out to eat and go to a movie.”

Cox asked if this kind of infighting “creates a situation in which everyday Americans write off all politicians as cheaters and liars,” thus leading to a Trump victory.

Sasse argued that Hillary Clinton‘s many flaws were a big factor too, because “if Joe Biden would have run against Donald Trump, Biden would have won in a landslide.”

The Nebraska Republican has been on record numerous times criticizing Trump, but he has given the president credit for picking Neil Gorsuch to be his Supreme Court nominee.

You can read the full interview here.

Article source - Mediaite
Article source – Mediaite

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