• April 18, 2024

GOP Candidate Says He “Loves” Trump for “Putting Self-Righteous F*ggots in Their Place”

 GOP Candidate Says He “Loves” Trump for “Putting Self-Righteous F*ggots in Their Place”

Over the weekend GOP Massachusetts State Senate candidate Ted Busiek praised Donald Trump for his language and beliefs. Busiek also came under fire this weekend for comments he made on Twitter.

All In with Chris Hayes tweeted out Donald Trump’s testimony from a 1993 meeting of a Native American Affairs Subcommittee.  He reportedly complained about people who “don’t look Indian,” so they should not receive gambling licenses.

Following the release of this tweet, Busiek praised Trump’s comments back in 1993 with another tweet.


Busiek later walked back his use of the word faggot, by saying that he never meant it in a negative way.  He, instead, meant it to show his disapproval of the way the congressman who was interviewing Trump was treating him. Busiek opposes same-sex marriage and adoption rights for members of the LGBT community and has said that he stands for people who have typically been members of the ‘oppressor class’ meaning white, straight, wealthy men.

Among those who pushed back against Busiek was his political opponent, Democratic state Sen. Jamie Eldridge.

“When a candidate for office uses such hateful rhetoric it’s important to stand up to it and not be silent. This is about the fact that in civil society you don’t use hateful rhetoric directed at anyone,” said Eldridge.

Something tells me this guy just torpedoed his political career before it ever got started.


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