Girls Viciously Attack Elderly Man And Run Away Laughing, Not Realizing… [VIDEO]

An attack on a 62-year-old Syracuse, New York, man by two teenage girls was recorded by a bystander and shared to social media.

Gary Martin told police he politely asked a group of teens who were in his front yard near a car he is trying to sell to move, but instead two of them allegedly assaulted him, according to a report shared by Hezakya Newz.

In the video, four girls are seen on the lawn with Martin, who is holding his cane. He bends close to one of the girls, who is wearing a red tank top and jeans, and appears to be speaking to her when she hits him in the face.

She runs away and he follows her into the street, as do the other girls. One of the girls then grabs Martin and spins him around in the street, causing his hat to fall off. He then continues to presumably chase after the girl who slapped him, with his cane raised in the air before he falls to the ground. When Martin gets back up, he runs down the street after the girls, but does not catch up to them.

Bystanders who witnessed the incident can be heard laughing in the video.

WSTM reports that Martin said he was punched twice by two teenage girls; he suffered a bruised eye from the attack. Authorities arrested and charged the two teen girls, ages 14 and 15, with third-degree assault. The mother of one of the girls sent her apologies to Martin, stating that her daughter’s behavior was uncalled for. She added that her daughter will accept responsibility for her actions and whatever consequences are handed down.

The cellphone video of the attack was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral on social media. On Facebook alone, it has been viewed more than 1,000,000 times, according to WTVR.

Martin has even been contacted by family members in Ireland who saw it.

The two girls, ages 14 and 15, were arrested within a short amount of time and police say the two teens are facing charges of third-degree assault. They were released to their parent guardians on appearance tickets.

Come on parents. Strap on your adult pants and teach your child how to behave. This type of behavior is unacceptable. I hope the young girls get the maximum punishment to prevent this from happening again.

E. Goldstein


  • You’re dealing with hoodrats here.It’s pointless appealing to their parents as the male parents probably disappeared long ago even before they were born.

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