• June 15, 2024

Girl Strung Up By Her Wrists For Drinking a Container of Milk [VIDEO]

 Girl Strung Up By Her Wrists For Drinking a Container of Milk [VIDEO]

A girl who was thirsty drank a small container of milk and when her mother found out, she tied ropes around her wrists and left her hanging about 2 feet off the floor as punishment.  The footage is so extreme that we cannot bring you it in it’s entirety.  The video made it’s way onto the internet and people were outraged and finally, the mother was arrested.

 Shocking video has emerged of a five-year-old girl screaming after being strung up by her wrists by her cruel Vietnamese foster mother as punishment for taking a carton of milk

Police detained Nguyen Thi Phuong, a grocer who was fostering the child, identified only as N.P.N.A.

The sickening punishment was allegedly imposed because the little girl took a carton of milk to drink.

She was in foster care after her parents, from the nearby Phu Tho Province, were both jailed for unreported offences.

Phuong and her husband were the girl’s foster carers, though her husband was not identified in reports and it was not clear whether he knew about how the girl was being treated. He was not arrested.

Phuong allegedly said that the girl would often steal her possessions to sell for pocket money.

Deputy chairman of Vinh Tuong District Le Chi Thai confirmed that an arrest had been made.

He added that the little girl in the clip had been taken to hospital for a check-up and found to have suffered no serious physical harm.
Relatives had picked her up as soon as the film of her being punished became public, he said.

Details of charges against Phuong were not reported but Thai added that treating a child the way she apparently had was ‘unacceptable’ and she would be prosecuted.

It was unclear who shot the video or how it come to be shared online.

H/T The Mail Online

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