Girl Gets Dumped Right Before Prom, Comes Up With Most Wicked Revenge on Ex-Boyfriend

These days kids break up over anything. It doesn’t make the emotional connection any less real when they are young. It still hurts and it still sucks to be dumped. This one girl didn’t take getting dumped too well, so she came up with one of the most savage paybacks ever.  Hell hath no fury…

#1 Poor girl

This is Panchal_Maria. Her boyfriend of almost a year decided it would be a good idea to dump her just a week before prom. That’s not where the humiliation ends. The now ex-boyfriend really had the nerve to ask her to pay back the money that he used for her ticket. Instead of being petty, Panchal happily gave the money back… in the most wicked way possible!  Hell hath no fury…

#2 She shared a tweet

She let the whole world know exactly what her ex-boyfriend did to her. Hell hath no fury…

That’s pretty cold-blooded if you ask me. He deserves to be paid back in more ways than one.

#3 Now for the revenge

I did say he deserved to be paid back right? Well, it just so happened she had a way to pay him back and give him exactly what he deserved.  This girl is smart. Hell hath no fury…

Boom, and just like that she is now an Internet legend.

#4 Twitter loved it

The post almost immediately went viral with many people sharing their even more devious ideas with her. Some just voiced their support.

#5 More love and a happy ending

As more and more love flooded in for Maria you can tell just what kind of impact her act had on people.  I guess there’s a lot of jerky guys who do this.

The story even has a happy ending, because Maria ended up going to the prom after all, with a guy who isn’t a complete douche. She doesn’t look like a girl who would have any difficulty at all getting a date for prom. Her ex should just be happy she didn’t provide a picture of him.  He would never live it down. Hell hath no fury…

H/T iLyke

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