• June 25, 2024

Girl Claims Police Officer Sexually Assaulted Her: Video Tells a Different Story [VIDEO]

 Girl Claims Police Officer Sexually Assaulted Her: Video Tells a Different Story [VIDEO]

Logan Huysman has let her mouth and her female privilege of crying sexual assault get her into a lot of trouble.  She would be wise to learn that not even a fish would not get into trouble if he’d just keep his mouth shut.  Police found Huysman and three others sleeping in a car parked at a Cumberland Farms convenience store.  The Burlington police do not allow people to sleep in their cars without checking on them in case they have been doing drugs and may try to drive while still impaired and also to make sure no one is suffering from an overdose.

 On June 22, police in Burlington, Vermont arrested an 18-year-old girl after they found her and three other teenagers sleeping in a car in the Cumberland Farms parking lot on Pine Street.

The following day Logan Huysman accused the officer on Facebook of inappropriate touching, showing the bruises on her arm to prove it.

“I would consider that sexual assault, especially coming from ‘authority’,” she said.

A review of the officer’s bodycam video shows a completely different chain of events.

It’s clear from the video that Huysman appears to be impaired and is acting in a belligerent and aggressive manner toward the officer, taunting him to respond. At one point, Huysman is clearly out of control; the officer then decides to place her under arrest. Huysman is shown in the video resisting arrest and screaming. The officer is heard shouting that Huysman just kicked him.

“Oh my god, you just put your hands on me twice!” Huysman shouts. “If you put your hands on me you can bet I’ll put my goddamned hands on you.”

Later in the video, Huysman screams, “You’re allowed to abuse me because you’re a man.”

Crying sexual assault using feminist logic won’t cut it in her case. Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo isn’t buying it, either.

The chief responded to Huysman’s post and set the record straight.

“Huysman’s allegations of sexual assault are unfounded and do not bear comment or investigation,” del Pozo wrote. “All contact with Huysman was the result of the officers attempting to handcuff her and to avoid kicks.”

The letter in full reads:

H/T US Herald


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