Gerber Baby’s Identity Was Kept Secret In 1928. Now She Reveals What Her Face Looks Like Today [VIDEO]

She was the most famous face in baby food.

In 1927, when she was five months old, Anne Turner Cook had her portrait drawn by a friend of her father. The following year, when Gerber announced it was looking for baby images for its upcoming line of baby food, Anne’s charcoal drawing was submitted and chosen.

The drawing of Ann has been used on all Gerber baby food packaging since and has become a pop-culture icon.

Gerber initially wanted to keep Anne’s identity a secret so no one would know if the iconic baby was a girl or boy. But when Anne became an English teacher, her secret identity was finally revealed.

Now, she has four kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of her own.

In the video below, Anne is about 80 years old. Watch how her life has transpired in the decades since her famous face melted hearts across the country. Looks like she’s just as happy and healthy as ever.

Source: Little Things

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