Georgia Thug Shoots At Woman During Robbery, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem With His Aim

 Georgia Thug Shoots At Woman During Robbery, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem With His Aim

A burglar accidentally shot and killed his partner when they were caught in the middle of the crime.

James Robert Young, 41, and another man were attempting to burglarize a home at 152 Bradstone Circle, off Millerfield Road, according to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

Just before 10 a.m. Monday morning, a woman inside of a house located on Bradstone Circle was in the back bedroom when she reportedly confronted two men trying to carry out a television.

After yelling at the intruders, one of the men shot backwards and hit the other burglar in the head, killing him. The shooter then ran away. Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones says Young was pronounced dead at 10:38 a.m. at scene.

The homeowner got through the incident unharmed.

“She was startled and hollered at the intruders,” Sheriff Davis said standing outside of the home Monday about an hour after the shooting.

“When she yelled, the men ran out,” Davis said. “As they went out the door, one of the suspects turned around and fired one shot backwards and struck the other suspect in the head.”

The shooter’s aim was a bit off. He managed to shoot his partner-in-crime in the head, killing him instantly.

Young is no stranger to local law men. He’s been in the Bibb County jail 35 times – six of those were for burglary.

The State Public Corrections website says Young was in prison for burglary for four years until August 2016.

According to Blue Lives Matter: The killer was identified as Aurie Mathis, described as 16 years old, 5-foot-6 and weighing around 140 pounds, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

A warrant has been issued for Mathis for felony murder.

Article Sources: Madworld News, Facebook /Video Credit: Youtube/13WMAZ


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