Four California Thugs Do Something Terrible To Waitress After They Skip Out On Tab

After skipping out on paying their bill at a restaurant and subsequently running over their waitress in the parking lot following a confrontation, four thugs from the state of California have been placed under arrest.

Rowshaid Cordell Pellum, 24, and three friends left Mexico Lindo, an Anaheim-based restaurant, on Sunday without paying their tab, prompting waitress Maria Uriostegui to chase them to the parking lot. Surveillance video captured Uriostegui attempting to confront the group in the parking lot, before being run over by the foursome in their vehicle. The car quickly fled the scene after it hit the waitress. Uriostegui told reporters that she’d attempted to get the group to pay their tab while they were dining, but they laughed and walked out.

When the server followed them out of the restaurant to get their license plate number, they laughed her off again before hitting her.

Uriostegui told KTLA, “We made eye contact, and they laughed it off and then they just drove. At that point and I knew they weren’t going to stop so I tried to move out of the way. By then it was too late.”

Fortunately for Uriostegui, she only suffered minor injuries from the hit-and-run incident.

Hours later, officers spotted the black Volkswagon Jetta that Pellum and his friends were believed to be driving outside of a Motel 6. Pellum, 23-year-old Santeea Munay Ralph, 19-year-old Shyteice Lashay Miles, and 18-year-old Markeisha Michelle Williams were all arrested. The three women were charged with one misdemeanor count of defrauding an innkeeper, while Pellum was charged with one felony count of aggravated assault and one felony count of hit-and-run with injury.

You can view surveillance footage of the hit-and-run below.

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