Footage Shows Thief Who Steals Beer Being Confronted By Clerk, Then Things Escalate Rapidly [VIDEO]

Surveillance footage captured the moment a crook who attempted to walk out of a convenience store with a 12-pack of beer in Dade County, Florida. The thief didn’t expect the clerk to do what he did next.

According to The Blaze: 

Police on Friday released surveillance video of the May 27 incident that shows one male suspect walking to the register with the 12-pack and appearing to indicate he wants to make a purchase. But as the suspect seems to reach for his pocket and the clerk goes behind the counter for the transaction, the suspect simply walks from the store with the beer, meets up with another male — and the pair continue walking.

The 22-year-old clerk apparently doesn’t like that, as surveillance video shows him running out of the store in pursuit of the suspect.

Image source: WFOR-TV video screenshot

But even after he’s confronted with two suspects instead of one, the clerk still puts up a fight.

The suspect who took the beer from the store removes his shirt for the scuffle, has a rough time keeping his shorts aloft and at one point loses his balance and nearly falls on his rear end. But eventually, he’s able to wrestle the clerk to the ground.

The second suspect manages a couple of very hesitant punches and kicks at the clerk that seem as though they’d at best dent a screen door, but he stays mostly out of the scuffle.

Police ask that if anyone recognizes the crook that they report him to Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 with anonymous tip — and ones that lead to an arrest could earn up to $3,000. That’s a pretty good reward so don’t hesitate to call. Please share this story with your family and friends.

Source: The Blaze

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