• July 14, 2024

Ford Motor Company Moving ALL U.S. Small Car Production to MEXICO

 Ford Motor Company Moving ALL U.S. Small Car Production to MEXICO

Ford is moving all small-car production in North America from the United States to Mexico, the company announced to investors Wednesday.

“Over the next two to three years, we will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States,” CEO Mark Fields told investors in Michigan, reports the Detroit Free Press.

The move is likely to draw fire from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has insisted he will stop companies from exporting U.S. jobs oversees to increase their profit margins.


Ford also announced it would invest $4.5 billion over the next four years, including into new models such as commercial vehicles, SUVs and performance vehicles.

U.S. automakers have been taking manufacturing jobs to Mexico for decades to save on labor costs, but the trend has kicked into overdrive in recent years. Fiat Chrysler, for example, announced in July it was essentially ending manufacturing in the U.S. and potentially shipping the work to Mexico.

Footage of employees reacting to the news their jobs were being shipped overseas to Mexico went viral in February, when Carrier Air Conditioning announced it was exporting 1,400 jobs.

“The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long-term is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico,” a man speaking on behalf of the company said in the video to a large crowd of employees in a gymnasium.


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