Florida Woman Buys Female Slave, Police Are Horrified By What She Was Putting Inside Her

A Jacksonville, Florida, woman reportedly paid Mexican smugglers to bring a young mother into the U.S. so she could hold her hostage and force her to be her surrogate.

Esthela Clark reportedly paid between $3,000 and $4,000 to have a 26-year-old woman brought to the States under the impression that she was going to be a paid surrogate and would be monitored by doctors. Clark, who was unable to conceive children with her partner, held the woman against her will and inseminated her several times a day with her boyfriend’s sperm.

Court records revealed that the woman, referred to as Y.L., was forced to sleep on Clark’s dining room floor.

When the woman failed to get pregnant, Clark made her have sex with strangers and then keep the condoms so she could be inseminated.

“About a week after Y.L. arrived in Jacksonville, Clark began trying to inseminate her. Whenever Y.L. was ovulating, Clark and Castellanos would have sex using a condom,” court records stated.

“When Castellanos ejaculated, Clark would transfer the semen from the condom to a plastic syringe and then insert the semen into Y.L.’s vagina. This took place three to four times a day during periods when Y.L. was ovulating and continued until approximately September 2013.”

Clark told the woman that she was not able to conceive because she was “too fat” and subsequently forced her to lose 65 pounds.

The woman was often made to sleep in bleach on a floor and was forced to do work such as washing Clark’s car. She was ultimately rescued when a neighbor noticed that she was washing Clark’s car in the winter while wearing a small amount of clothing. There were also signs of apparent injuries.

Clark was arrested in 2015 for the imprisonment, which began in 2012.

“Sick story, sick woman!!! Did it ever cross her mind that maybe her man could not concieve??? Hope she gets to do a long jail time in Mexico!!!” one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the story.

“So call low down humans is gone crazy,, not even worth to be call a person..not unless they know how to be a human, with a heart of repentance..to ask forgiveness,” another commented.

“Life in jail and let the prisoners deal with her and the boyfriend should get life too,” another added.


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