Florida Man ‘Loses It’ After Utility Trucks Park Outside His House [RAW VIDEO]

A retired Miami-Dade firefighter took extreme measures to get AT&T workers to remove their trucks from his property, Wednesday morning.

According to Hialeah Police, the AT&T utility employees Derrick Taylor and Gilberto Ramos were working on lines near a home located near the corner of Southeast Fifth Place and Sixth Avenue when 64-year-old Jorge Jove, came outside and approached them, at around 11 a.m.

“The owner of the house came out,” said Hialeah Police Sgt. Carl Zogby. “He was upset that the trucks were parked in front of his house, asked them to move.”

Police said Ramos and Taylor told Jove they would remove the vehicle as soon as they were finished with repairs, but that did not appear to satisfy him. “They said, ‘We’ll move in a few minutes. We’re just working on the poles. We’re supposed to be here,’” said Zogby. “He went back into his house, came out a few moments later with a gun and started firing at both AT&T trucks that were on the scene.”

Cellphone video captures the gun-toting homeowner as he circled the trucks and opened fire. “There’s a guy shooting out my tires. There’s a guy shooting out my tires,” Taylor is heard telling police in cellphone video of the incident, followed by audio of air hissing out of the tires.

Taylor called 911 asking for help as Jove continued reloading a second and third time. Meanwhile, Ramos was up in the air working on one of the poles.

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