Female Math Teacher Gets Charged For Having “Relations” With Three High School Students [PHOTOS]

Sex with a teacher seems to be the essence of every horny school boy’s fantasy. These teachers have all the charms of the perfect dream girl, but beneath that perfume and make-up is a professional, at least there should be. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Remember Mary Kay Letourneau? The former school teacher who pled guilty to two counts of felony second-degree rape of 12-year-old student, Vili Fualaau? Well, she wound up marrying her teen lover years later. But now, a similar scandal has broken out again with a teacher from Osceola, AR, and you won’t believe what she’s been doing.

It's important to note that Winberry has been married for 10 years.

Nicole Winberry has been a very bad girl lately. The 28-year-old math teacher from Osceola High School was put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail after she had allegedly had sex with three of her students.  According to Arkansas State Police, an investigation was launched at the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline.

They received a tip claiming that Winbery had engaged in sexual activities with at least one student.  You all remember the movie “Bad Teacher”, which later become a short-lived sitcom? Well, Winberry was the real life version of Cameron Diaz’s Mrs. Halsey and she used all the charms of a woman to give her students some loving.

Since the scandal broke out, three male students have come forward to accuse Winberry. Two of them are 17 years old and one is an 18-year-old, and they claim they were sexually assaulted by Winberry.

Clearly, Winberry was trying to give these kids a little extra credit. Aside from teaching them the usual math related equations that are rarely, if ever, applied in the real world, she was also “teaching” these boys what being a man was all about.

Clearly, Winberry was trying to give these kids a little extra credit.

The incident occurred in Osceola, Arkansas and residents were livid. But most parents were also terrified at the prospect that their children might have been one of Winberry’s victims.On the outside, it’s very difficult to tell that anything was going on inside school grounds.

On the outside, it’s very difficult to tell that anything was going on inside school grounds. But investigators say that Winberry was charged with four counts of sexual assault because she allegedly assaulted one of the students on two occasions. The students also claimed that they all took the Winberry train.

As in, they all took turns hitting it in a different position after she gave them repeated blow jobs in class. But was it hormones that possessed these teens to comply or peer pressure? Winberry isn’t just facing losing her job as a teacher.

She’s also facing four counts of first-degree sexual assault, a class A felony which is punishable by 6 to 30 years in prison.

Winberry isn't just facing losing her job as a teacher.


This is just the latest incident of a teacher sexually abusing a student. It not only shakes the very foundation of the educational system, but it makes parents and students lose faith in the adults we expect to help us learn. Winberry hasn’t just shamed herself and her school either.

She’s also shamed the town she called home. At the very least, she put Osceola, Arkansas on the map, but it’s certainly not the way the locals would have preferred it to happened. The role of any teacher is to guide and help their students grow. Winberry has completely warped that concept and helped some of her male students grow, but in a way that’s totally inappropriate.

Before placing a call to the Child Abuse Hotline, school officials were already investigating Winberry. It didn’t take long for them to find evidence that backed up the students’ claims, among them was a series of chat messages found on at least one student’s phone. As she took her mug shot, Winberry didn’t seem to regret anything. She even used her mug shot as an opportunity to show off her duck sucking lips, or maybe they were still inflamed from servicing a student before getting arrested.

As she took her mug shot, Winberry didn't seem to regret anything.

Some teachers give off certain signals that students obvious misinterpret. To that end, nothing ever happens between them. But others are clearly smitten, and when a teacher like Winberry is willing to “put out,” these teens and their raging hormones just can’t say no. In this case, a teacher’s love, or lust, for her students is way out of line.
She should have considered a boring corporate job somewhere where everyone is over 21. Winberry in a classroom is like a hungry lioness who’s just found a bunch of campers sleeping peacefully in the woods.

In this case, a teacher's love, or lust, for her students is way out of line.

If the allegations are true, then Winberry knew that it was wrong to be along with her students. That “come on” look in her eyes really got inside these boy’s heads, and they couldn’t resist. These students would have been better off running home to their mothers. Maybe a nice cold shower would have prevented them from succumbing to their temptations. Then again, most of them were underage, except for one, so legally it’s up to the adult to be responsible.

Winberry should have listened to her inner voice cause it could have saved her a lot of trouble. That’s assuming there was ever a moment where Winberry thought that perhaps she should stop before she took things way too far. Winberry’s bond has been set at a whopping $15,000. But she’ll have to cool her heels while she waits for her arraignment hearing, which has been set for next month.

Most teachers aren’t trying to seduce their students. Some are just looking to create an easygoing classroom environment, but others are just looking to get a letting sexy time with their students.

Most teachers aren't trying to seduce their students.

People still find it shocking that his would happen in school. Everyone looks at school as a place where you can count on your kids being safe from sexual predators and random crime, but now it turns out that there may be no safe place for your kids. Given the allegations against her, Winberry’s future as a teacher looks grim. She definitely won’t be welcomed back at Osceola High, that’s for sure. She also resigned from her position on Friday, leaving several potential students with their fantasies forever unsatisfied.

Given the allegations against her, Winberry's future as a teacher looks grim.

Rumors and gossip will probably linger at Osceola High School for quite some time. But more importantly, every time a teacher gives a student some serious piercing eye contact during a lecture or those extra long fingers at their desk when pointing out something on their essay, students will be left wondering if they’ll be the next victim of sexual abuse.

It’s important to note that Winberry has been married for 10 years. She also has 5-year-old twin boys, but she’s clearly not going to be winning any teacher, mother, or wife of the year awards anytime soon.

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