Female Janitor Grabs Boy And Rapes Him During School Hours. Now His Family Has Gotten Justice

A Tennessee family is seeking $4.5 million in a lawsuit after a school janitor allegedly raped a 16-year-old boy at school.

Janitor Jessica Galyon, 29, was charged with aggravated statutory rape, sexual battery by an authority figure, and statutory rape by an authority figure, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel. The attack, in which Galyon is alleged to have pulled the victim into a room and raped him, reportedly took place at Midway High School during the school day.

The teen’s family is filing a lawsuit against Roane County School District and the contractor that Galyon worked for, saying that negligence by both the company and the school district allowed the rape to occur, Daily Mail reports.

Prior to the attack, Galyon reportedly asked for the student’s phone number and to add him as a friend on Facebook — the janitor reportedly sent him “flirtatious and sexual messages” which continued even after the victim told Galyon to stop.

The woman also reportedly invited the teen to a hotel, which he did not accept.

According to the lawsuit, classmates and teachers who knew about Galyon’s harassment made fun of the boy, calling the janitor his “girlfriend.”

“This was the first sexual encounter of any kind that [the boy] had ever had in his life,” said the lawsuit regarding the alleged rape in a room during school hours.

The alleged attack, as well as the harassment from teachers and peers, reportedly caused the victim to drop out of school. He is said to have started home schooling and attended weekly counseling sessions.

One month after the alleged attack, a faculty member at the school alerted the administration, leading to Galyon’s arrest. Galyon was later released on $15,000 bail.

According to the lawsuit, the school district and the contractor, Compass One, acted “intentionally, willfully, wantonly and/or with gross negligence in failing to recognize and/or stop the sexual misconduct of Galyon.”

The family will seek $3.5 million in damages, and $1 million in punitive damages.

On April 17, a California teacher was arrested for unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a minor after allegedly having an “inappropriate relationship” with a 17-year-old student, the East Bay Times reports.

Special education teacher Riana Mckenzie Lane, 23, was reportedly investigated after being found with edible marijuana and stolen property inside her car near Benicia High School, where she worked.

The stolen items were reportedly put in the car by the victim, who had keys to Lane’s car. The school became aware of what was going on after multiple instances of the boy leaving the campus, saying that he was going to Lane’s car.

Lane was arrested for oral copulation with a minor and statutory rape — she was also reportedly cited for misdemeanor possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana on a school campus.

Sources: Knoxville News Sentinel, Daily Mail, East Bay Times

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