F*ck The Police!: Black Lives Matter Activists Protest Shooting In Tulsa

Protests erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Friday after police shot a knife-wielding man.

A 29-year-old black male was shot and killed early Friday morning after police came to his residence and he fled the scene.

He reportedly suffered from mental illness and “brandished two knifes” at police, Tulsa World reports.

At 9:50 AM shots were fired by two deputies and one officer, and he died around 11:30 AM in the hospital today. Police didn’t immediately release his name, but he has been identified as Joshua Anthony Barre.

After the shooting, a crowd formed in the street around the scene of the shooting.

The crowd began chanting “Fuck the police!”

Tulsa journalist Kyle Hinchey reports that a Black Lives Matter activist was “demanding answers” from police, and told him there will be a riot.

Later, some police reportedly appeared in riot gear, but the protest remained generally peaceful.

One protester held a sign that declares, “Police Officers originate as Slave Patrol.”


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