Father Who Killed His Disabled Son Over Breakfast Get Alarming Sentence [VIDEO]

A father who told police that he shot his own son dead during an argument over biscuits and gravy because his child was a ‘bully’ and he ‘snapped’ has been given a probationary sentence.

Fred Fleener III, 46, shot Fred Fleener IV, 22, on November 14, 2015, at their home in Indianapolis, Indiana, after the younger Fleener became angry at his father for not bringing him enough breakfast.

On Tuesday he was sentenced to two years of probation after admitting voluntary manslaughter as part of a plea deal.

Local police said they entered the Fleeners’ home to find Fleener IV lying on the living room floor with a wound to his chest. He died around 25 minutes later in hospital.

Fleener III handed himself over to police, but he and his daughter Krystalen told cops that the young man was a ‘bully’ who had been physically abusive towards them for years.

“This has gone on for a long time. We’re so tired of this. He’s always beating on us” they told police.

The father told investigators that Krystalen had gone out and brought back breakfast trays for herself, her father, her brother, and a cousin that morning.

But Fleener IV, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and had anxiety, and depression issues, became angry that he only had one tray, not the two he wanted.

Krystalen told detectives that her brother had thrown something at the cousin, who is wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis, and when Fleener III stepped in the pair started fighting.

Both the cousin and Krystalen said the fight ended with one or two gunshots and Fleener IV saying “Dad, you shot me.”

Police were informed while they were en route that the father would hand himself over without a fight.

Fleener III was initially charged with voluntary manslaughter and reckless homicide, but the homicide charge was dropped as part of the plea deal.

Source: Daily Mail


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