Fat Protester Gets Flattened While Blocking Traffic in St Louis [VIDEO]

Before we get to the protests, it’s important that you know what set them off.  The police had found that a man was dealing drugs and selling guns out of his house and once they had enough proof to satisfy.  a judge, they were given a search warrant of the premises.  Police sources say the man’s apartment contained a security system that allowed him to see anyone approaching his home.

The police believe the man was waiting for them because after they knocked and announced themselves, they kicked in the door and tossed a flashbang, just as the man, Isaiah Hammett, opened fire with an AK-47. He was shot and killed in the exchange.  His grandfather, who was there at the time claims his grandson was unarmed and murdered by the police.(Right, one of the cops had the AK-47 hidden in their sock so he could plant it on the next man he decided to kill in cold blood)

This is the real Ferguson effect.  After Ferguson paid off the parents of that thug Michael Brown, more parents and grandparents of thugs began looking for a payday whenever the criminal element in their families get what they deserve.  That led to the demonstrations.

Okay.  Forward now.  A big bulky woman tried to block a car by leaning on the hood and began to call others over to help her and they began yelling at the driver and his girlfriend as they moved to surround his car.  He hit the gas and knocked Big Bertha onto the ground and he sped away.  Once he was convinced that they were safe, he called the police and told them where he was at.  (It’s always better to be tried by 12 people than to be carried by six.)

 However, because Isaiah Hammett’s friends and family say he did nothing wrong, protesters gathered to block the road at Kingshighway and Chippewa.

“We want justice,” A woman shrieked over the sound of traffic. “Fuck the police!”

At one point, a car tried to drive through the intersection as a heavyset woman attempted to block the vehicle, pushing back against it. The crowd then surrounded the vehicle yelling, “Fuck you, Justice for Isaiah!”

The car then sped through, knocking the large woman to the ground, and outraging the crowd, who then called the police for help.

Law enforcement said that after sitting in the road, the downed protester was transported the the hospital with non-life-threatening injures.

H/T Blue Lives Matter


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