Family Has First Baby Girl Since 1880, Dad Can’t Believe What Has Been On Billboard In Town [VIDEO]

It has been 137 years since the Settle family has given birth to a baby girl, but Carter Louise Settle changed that.

“I just assumed I was going to have another boy,” said Kelen Settle, who already has three sons. When she opened a surprise box and pink balloons floated out, she was left speechless.

Kelen Settle’s husband, Will Settle, comes from four generations of male-only children. Knowing their daughter would be a bit outnumbered, they decided to give her a fitting name.

“She’s going to have to be strong with all the men she’ll deal with in the Settle family,” said Will Settle. They chose the name “Carter” for the baby girl because it’s a “really strong name” that “you don’t hear every day.”

A few days after Carter Settle was born, Will Settle got a call from a coworker telling him there was another surprise waiting for him on a highway. Wondering what his friends might have been up to, Settle set out to find what further shock lay in store for him.

Settle, the director of sales for Marlin Outdoor Advertising shared with ABC News that, “The owner of the company said, ‘There’s a surprise for you between Bluffton and Savannah.’” Once he arrived, he couldn’t believe what he saw right on the side of the road: a giant pink billboard with his baby daughter’s face on it.

The 12-foot-tall and 24-foot-wide billboard read, “Welcome to the world Carter Louise Settle.” Will Settle had already received at least 15 calls and texts from other people who had driven past the conspicuous birth announcement.

“When I first saw it, it was an ‘Oh my God’ moment,” said Will Settle. “It is so pink [and] so large. It’s pretty obnoxious, I hate to say. It is so in your face, you wouldn’t believe it.”

“It’s just eye-catching,” said Ashley Fields, a resident whose home is located right next to the billboard. “That face: she is cute. And that name!”

Although shocked by the pink spectacle, Will Settle thanked his friends publicly for honoring his daughter. Will Settle shared a joke that his friend had made about the billboard: “What a great way to keep it low key,” he had said sarcastically.

“I think it’s a very, very cute idea,” said Kelen Settle, “and it’s going to be a fun story for her. It’s exciting.” Carter Settle is no ordinary girl, and so it was only fitting that she receive a grand welcome.
This sign might just be the most memorable of the 900 billboards that Marlin has throughout Georgia and South Carolina. “If there’s a number two we’re going to have do a bigger billboard,” Will Settle joked.

Will and Kelen Settle broke a long-standing family tradition and made everyone all the more happy. And now every day Will Settle can enjoy seeing his daughter’s name and face while driving to work.

Article Sources: The Liftable

Photo Credit: ABC News

Video Credit:  GLOBAL NEWS/YouTube

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