• April 15, 2024

Family Adopts Special Needs Children, Then Neighbors Vandalize Their Home

 Family Adopts Special Needs Children, Then Neighbors Vandalize Their Home


The family of two adopted girls with Down Syndrome could not help but be shocked after awaking one morning to discover their house had been vandalized with derogatory comments such as “retards” and “get out of here.” The disturbing message is believed to have been scrawled upon their home because the Hollis family adopted the two young girls from Ukraine.

Instead of ignoring the message, Hollis’ two sons decided to make a video in support of their sisters. The 6 and 7-year-old boys asked their parents to help them with their video, and soon created a video that called for an end to be put to the word “retard.”

The initiative Everyone Matters saw the boys’ video and asked if they could use portions of it in their own clip. The resulting video quickly went viral.

“Good bless this family! The video shows how lucky these little girls are to have been adopted by such a warm loving family! As to the hate filled graffiti whoever did it should be arrested shame on them! Where has decency gone?” One Newsiosity reader commented in response to the video on the site’s Facebook page.

“What a wonderful family. Those boys did a terrific job. Those two girls have barely any signs of down syndrome. What cruel horrible neighbors. I presume if they had a child that didn’t look they way they wanted, they would just toss it in the garbage.

Hurray for this family!” another added.

Others expressed their outrage at the actions of the vandals, calling for them to be held accountable.

“How anyone could do such a horrible thing is so beyond wrong. It is outrageous and IMO criminal. Yes those responsible should be held accountable….First of all they need to be made to clean up their disgusting writing on the house and then made to do some community service. If this was kids doing this they need to learn there are consequences for actions and if it is adults their actions should be made known to all who know them and then they need to pay for their disgusting behavior,” one reader commented.

“What a bunch of really sick people in this world. Something could happen to these nasty people in a minute where they could be disabled and is that how they want neighbors to react. God bless this lovely family for giving these children love and a home. Need to pray for those with little faith and love to do such a thing to someone’s home. Sad,” another added.

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