Escort Who Slept With 10,000 Men Says ‘There Aren’t Many Good Men Left’ [VIDEO]

A former sex escort who has slept with over 10,000 men has revealed exactly what it’s like in the sex industry adding women are to blame in dropping number of ‘decent men’.

Gwyneth Montenegro, a former escort from Melbourne who made headlines when she revealed she had slept with 10,000 men, told Daily Mail Australia that five years ago, the most dominant type of man was ‘admiring of women’.

But fast forward to this year, Montenegro, says the most prevalent type of man has ‘a degree of dissatisfaction with their female partner’.

Montenegro, 39, used an intimate profiling methodology to study more than 60,000 women to come up with the results each time.

‘In 2012, by far the most common profile types were “The Stroker” and “The Non-Conformist”. Both of these profile types have a bias toward continually proving themselves to their partner,’ she explained.

‘In 2017, the most common profile types revealed were “The Wimpy Kid” and “The Conqueror”. Both of these have primary motivations that reveal a degree of displeasure or resentment toward women.’

Montenegro believes that if changes aren’t made, these averages will become ‘societal norms’.

‘If you look into the data from just a handful of years ago it seems that the majority of men saw women as someone to impress. Someone to woo if you like,’ she explained.

‘Nowadays the data reveals a shift toward motivations more like to “use and exploit” or to be “removed and disconnected”.’

‘Increased sexual harassment, exploitation, and employment inequality will become more ordinary if we don’t arrest the trend.’

Montenegro believes that women have something to do with these results.

‘I don’t want to be so arrogant so as to blame feminism, I count myself as a feminist, but I do believe some of the responsibility does lie with us women,’ she said.

‘We’ve become more militant in our approach against inter-sex grievances. We’ve used female rights to ambush and complain instead of to negotiate and to talk.

‘We loudly picket and demand if we don’t get our way. We are quick to storm the streets and proclaim our displeasure.

‘All of this is good in a balanced society but in our enthusiasm we are forgetting the unintended consequences. We are fostering a degree of disillusionment among the few good men left.

‘They are left scratching their head saying wondering why so much hatred, when all they want to do is to provide for and care for their partner. If we’re militant and dispassionate toward men, can we not expect them to be militant and dispassionate toward us?’

Montenegro says that while ‘feminism has its place’ and cannot be ‘blamed for everything’, communication needs to improve.

‘It’s hard being a woman today and God knows we need representation, however I am a firm believer that communication, negotiation and a hand shake can be a more effective tool than never ending whining and foot stomping,’ she said.

‘In my experience the majority of men don’t hate women, they just want a good one to hold and love. Do we really want to generate disillusionment among them?

‘The influence of feminism in the current generation is undeniable. We live in a world in which many men are too scared to open a door for a woman for fear of verbal abuse.’

‘We live in a world where it’s common place for women to cry rape in order to get back at a man… These instructions aren’t just coming out of the blue, they are coming from women of influence within female movements.’

‘Any good relationship requires communication and in the wider community it’s no difference. If we want to advance the cause of women we need to communicate.’

Montenegro, who says ‘feminism is broken and needs to be fixed’, is using the platform she gained from being open about her past to spread this message far and wide.

‘As is well known nowadays, my not-so-perfect past sparked my curiosity in profiling in the first place. Those days have been both a blessing and a curse,’ she explained.

‘On the upside, the fascination with me having bedded 10,000 men has provided me with a platform with which to promote my methodologies.

‘On the downside, the publicity makes it hard for me to escape the emotional realities and to move forward with my life. Ultimately, though, I count it as a blessing. I’ve been able to positively affect so many more people than I could have dreamed of reaching minus my story.’

Montenegro hopes to reverse this trend and improve communication between men and women.
‘Just as people, events and other influences in our life can cause us to change, so too can the same apply to our male counterparts,’ she said.

‘We’ve had at least some part to play in the process thus far, we can use that same influence in a more positive manner. There’s few things in this world more influential than a woman in her power. In this case, we can literally change the world.’

Montenegro, who now teaches women how to understand the opposite sex, was first paid for sex at the age of 21.

Three years prior, a horrific gang rape had completely changed the course of her life.

Just 18 at the time, Ms Montenegro was out at a club when her drink was drugged. She believes anywhere from six to eight men raped her that night.

The experiences turned upside down the world of the Christian teen who had been saving herself for marriage.

Montenegro suddenly felt useless. Her old dreams and ambitions were thrown out the window and she instead joined the tabletop industry a year later.

Although she felt she had already ‘crossed a line’ by becoming a stripper, she still describes the first time she was paid for sex as being ‘totally surreal’.

She stayed in the industry for 12 years, unable to give up the thousands of dollars that kept pouring in and the perks of beautiful clothes and trips.

A lifestyle gave her a deep insight into what men really want from women as they revealed in her about their desires and relationships.

It wasn’t until the age of 33 that she finally retired once and for all and instead became trained in neuro-linguistic programming, a type of psychotherapy.

Montenegro then found fame when she wrote the story of her life in the book 10,000 Men and Counting, which was released in 2014.

She has spent two years putting together her profiling system, creating an 80-question test to help women discover whom they are really with.

It can be found on her website, The Intimacy Secret.


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