Entire Pizza Hut Branch Shut Down After Footage Of Manager Is Discovered [VIDEO]

A Pizza Hut in W. Va is in hot water and likely has lost a few customers thanks to a surveillance video showing an employee using the sink in a very unsanitary way. The employee in question is a district manager and the footage shows him urinating in a sink.

According to Cooking Panda:

Pizza Hut said in a statement: “First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual. Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved.”

 Pizza Hut said the incident happened after business hours. The eatery has been closed down due to “conditions within the establishment constituting a substantial hazard to the public health,” says a sign on the door.

“It’s something you hope to never have to deal with but we take it seriously,” Brett Vance, of the Mingo County Health Department, told 13 News. “They’re closed until we do a thorough cleaning on the place and have the reassurance there are safeguards in place.”

Clearly this man has no place working in the food industry and fortunately for everyone in the area, the DM will now have trouble finding work and all because he couldn’t just take it to the bathroom. Share this with your friends and sound off below.

Source: Cooking Panda


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