Employee Fired For Doing THIS To Trump Supporters

A North Dakota waitress was fired after refusing to serve a group of patrons when they revealed their support of President Donald Trump.

Lucas Mondry took to Facebook to complain about the service he received at the Brick and Barley restaurant in Grand Forks, according to the Grand Forks Herald. He says that his waitress asked his group which presidential candidate they voted for in the November 2016 election. When they indicated they voted for Trump, the employee denied them service.

“We were asked who we voted for, and because of our response we were denied our drinks,” he wrote in his Facebook post. “I understand people can have their opinions, but I felt this was extremely unprofessional. I respect everyone’s right as a citizen to vote for whomever they choose and I expect the same. Extremely disappointed on how I was treated.”

Restaurant owner Sarah Horak confirmed the incident, saying that Mondry and his group complained to the staff, who, in turn, alerted her.

“Coming in should be fun and relaxing, which was definitely not what occurred this evening,” she said. “When we were made aware of what happened, I immediately drove downtown and fired the employee. That was completely unacceptable behavior and I am so sorry.”

She added that it was “one of the shortest firing conversations of my career.”

“We’re a small business,” she continued. “We can’t afford for all these people to believe that’s who we are as individuals or that we would allow that in our business.”

Horak emphasized that the establishment is not a political entity and that they don’t care about the political affiliations of their customers.

“I care that you wanted to enjoy your time,” she said.

Mondry could not be reached for comment, but Horak hopes that he and other patrons don’t blame the restaurant for the actions of one “rogue” employee.

“It was an employee who went rogue and made her own choices, and unfortunately that has consequences,” she said.

A similar incident occurred in June 2016 over the election season, Fox News reported. A group wearing Trump hats and shirts was denied service from the fast-food burger chain Cook Out in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

“As soon as we got to the window, someone inside said ‘Hell no! I’m not serving them,'” said Shannon Riggs, one member of the group.

A spokesperson for the restaurant said that the employee in question was immediately fired.

“The manager on duty apologized and granted the customer a refund,” said the spokesperson. “The employee that was rude was immediately terminated per policy.”

Riggs and the rest of her group were still furious at the way they were treated.

“You should not be discriminated (against) based on who you support, whether it be for Bernie, Hillary or Mr. Trump,” said Riggs.

Source: Opposingviews.com

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