Elderly Woman, 91, Adopts Dog Only To Be Mauled To Death Hours Later

A 90-year-old Virginia woman has died after a dog attacked her. On Wednesday police were called around 7:30 PM to a Virginia Beach home where Margaret M. Colvin was mauled by a 50lb pit bull.

According to WVEC, she was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries, but died early Thursday morning. The victim’s daughter, identified only as ‘Linda,’ says she adopted the one-year-old, pet hours before the attack from Forever Home Rehabilitation Center.

Linda says she was in the backyard playing with the dog, Blue, when she heard her mother inside yelling for help after falling. She says that once she entered the home, the dog rushed ahead and began biting her mother. Linda says the dog straddled her mom’s back on the floor, biting her neck and shoulders and later her legs and stomach. She said she tried hitting the dog with a hammer during the mauling, but he didn’t stop.

Forever Home Rehabilitation Center issued a statement saying “none of us could have ever predicted this horrible event.” The center said Blue never showed any aggression while training, and passed his final evaluation before being adopted.

Linda wants to euthanize the dog.

“I can’t believe it happened. I am still in shock,” neighbor Lydia Walther told KFVS. “She’s outside all the time with her elderly dog. We bring her tomatoes. It’s just really sad,” another neighbor, Sondra Smith, said.

Hours earlier, an adoption service dropped the dog off at the home after Linda purchased it on Craigslist for $20.

“If she got killed by an animal, it just makes me feel that it could happen to any of the kids around the house. We do have dogs ourselves,” Walther said.

Linda says her mom had emergency surgery overnight, during which doctors amputated one of her arms. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead early Thursday morning.

“I feel for her. I feel for her family. My heart goes out to them. We are praying for them, hoping they can overcome something like this,” Walther said.

The dog is currently in quarantine and may be euthanized.

Source: Daily Mail

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