Dying Man Finally Lets Go After His Family Tells Him This LIE About President Trump

A 75-year-old Oregon man died peacefully at his home after his ex-wife told him that President Donald Trump had been impeached.

Michael Garland Elliot passed away on April 6, the New York Daily News reported. He was surrounded by friends, neighbors and caregivers.

According to his obituary, a woman identified as Teresa Elliott lied to Michael, telling him that Trump had been impeached from office. She was described as his ex-wife and best friend.

“Mike ran out of family long ago and is survived by his ex-wife and best friend, Teresa Elliott,” the obituary stated. “Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger and hers was the last voice Mike heard. And the last thing she said to him was ‘Donald Trump has been impeached.’ Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded.”

Kristine Phillips, WaPo:

“‘When Michael Elliott died, the last voice he heard was that of his ex-wife, his best friend.

In a short phone conversation moments before Elliott took his last breath, she told him what he wanted to hear.

“‘I told him that everything’s going to be alright,'” Teresa Elliott told The Washington Post. “‘And Donald Trump has been impeached.'”

Michael died of congestive heart failure, Teresa explained. He lived in a suburb of Portland, and his health had been in decline for several years.

“I knew it was his very, very last moments,” Teresa told the New York Daily News. “I knew that would bring him comfort.”

She described her ex-husband as a “news junkie” who was not so fond of the current president. Teresa said Michael would often express his disapproval of Trump, even though he couldn’t communicate it verbally.

“He hated his effing guts,” Teresa said of Michael’s feelings toward the president.

According to his Oregon Live obituary, Michael was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. He moved to Long Beach, California, after college, where he joined a semi-pro basketball team that toured the country. He sometimes played exhibition games dressed as a woman.

“At such times Mike was called Skaggy Maggie and continued round-ball domination, albeit with a different uniform,” the obituary continued.

The obituary added that Michael “spent countless weekends doing what he loved most with like-minded friends.”

Although Teresa and Michael separated 20 years earlier, she said she always cared for him and visited him frequently. She is planning a memorial for Michael at The Reserve golf club in August. Michael is a founding member of the club.

“Golf was his life,” Teresa said, adding that he was unable to play after suffering a stroke.

When asked if she regretted telling Michael the fake news, Teresa said she did not.

“If I could leave him with a happy piece of news then why wouldn’t I?” Teresa said. “And maybe in the end it won’t turn out to be a lie.”

This man’s final days were wasted on raging against a president he didn’t vote for, and who has been in office for less than 100 days. And as that man died, his ex-wife told him what she knew would be a comforting lie. The two of them let Donald Trump control the last moment they ever shared together. And the target audience of the Washington Post finds it a heartwarming story.

Then they go back to wondering how the hell they keep losing.

I mean, it could very well happen. Trump could be impeached. I’ve given up trying to predict any of this. But to be that wrapped up in it, to let hatred eat away at your soul like that, even as you lay dying… I just don’t understand it.

Rest in peace, Michael Elliott. I’m sorry you didn’t get the president you wanted before you died. I’m sorry that your loved ones lied to you because they thought it would ease your torment. And I’m sorry that so many people consider it worthy of praise.

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