• June 15, 2024

Dog That Was Skinned Alive Discovered On The Road Gets Rushed To Hospital [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

 Dog That Was Skinned Alive Discovered On The Road Gets Rushed To Hospital [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

A small dog who was half-skinned alive in Lanzhou, China was spotted by some kind hearted people who took it upon themselves to save the little dog’s life. Somehow the dog escaped his brutal captors and made a mad dash for freedom and fortunately for him, was spotted by someone who had a heart for dogs. He was immediately taken to an animal hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

According to Bored Lemur:

You can audibly hear the rescuers gasping and groaning with horror as they watch the vet trying to help the stricken dog. The Chinese vet is doing an excellent job nursing the dog back to wellness. The dog is on strong pain medication, including morphine, and he’s also receiving albuim.

I’m in direct daily contact with one of this dog’s rescuers, and they named him ‘First Day’. Just days after posting his videos on Fight Dog Meat, I was contacted by a wonderful lady in Scotland who wants to adopt him. This is no ordinary adoption though – this lady has experience with dogs which have suffered extreme traumas, including being skinned.

When ‘First Day’ goes to live in Scotland he will be re-named “Braveheart.” He’ll probably need some operations in the future to help him with his re-attached skin.

Following his rescue, the dog handled things quite well for the first few days. However by day four the numbness had subsided and raw searing pain set in. This was a serious set back and he had to be moved into a sterile room, and monitored. His temperature climbed a little and his pain medication was increased.

The following day his temperature climbed to 40C (39.5F), which was bordering on serious. He was not allowed any visitors on this day and we all held our breath and prayed he would get through the next days.

Yesterday he hobbled around his sterile room, showing the world he’s still fighting to live. A true ‘Braveheart’ indeed! The overwhelming thing about little Braveheart is that despite the most despicable crime perpetrated against him, he still has room in his heart to trust humans! What a dear little man.



The photo above captures this little dog’s progress after he was first spotted a week prior. Thankfully there are people with a kind heart that saved this animal from a brutal end. Either way, you can be sure that this little dog is grateful for the attention. Share this story with your family and friends so they can see how someone with a good heart can save a life.




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