Dog Has 2-Weeks Until It Is Forced Out Of Foster Home, So Rescue Agency Makes Plea On Social Media [PHOTOS]

Lana first made headlines in October of 2015, when a photo of her looking distraught in a shelter went viral. The five-month-old dog had just been rejected by her first foster family after Lana snapped at her mom while she was feeding her. The family had young kids, and they were nervous about Lana biting them, so they brought her to a shelter.

Lana was understandably confused and upset about finding herself back in a shelter, and she expressed that sadness in her photo. Once the touching photo went viral, she received over 4,000 applications. Rescue Dogs Match was also given $15,000 in donations to go towards her care.


In January of 2016, the shelter chose to send Lana to a foster family in Ontario, and Lana happily left the shelter. But then, Lana’s second owner returned the dog to the shelter in July of 2016. After that, Lana moved around frequently—first to a different boarding shelter, then a foster home, and then to a rural boarding facility.

During this time, Lana was in behavioral training to help deal with her skittishness and possessiveness with her food. Each time she was moved, her progress was set back. The shelter knew that she had to find a stable home so she could make real progress in her training.


At the beginning of May 2017, Lana’s story went viral again for an unfortunate reason: the boarding facility she was at was overcrowded, and they needed Lana out of the facility by May 20th. The saddest dog in the world was losing her home again.

Luckily, the perfect home was waiting for Lana. A week after first revealing that Lana needed a new home, Rescue Dogs Match announced that they had found a new foster home and training program for Lana. The sweet pup had a great home to call her own.


Lana moved to her new home just in time for her third birthday on May 14th. After all the hardship in her life, this pup was able to have a wonderful birthday celebration with her loving family. We can’t wait to hear about all the progress Lana makes in her new home!

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