Doctors Tell Mom Baby Will Not Survive Outside The Womb, She Decides To Give Birth Anyway [VIDEO]

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but with it comes a number of challenges and risks. Bringing a life into the world is not an easy challenge. And that’s why one mom decided to do the extraordinary thing when she learned that the baby she was carrying was cursed with a fatal condition.

When doctors looked 25-year-old Brandi Rogers in the eye, they broke her heart with their words. They told her that the baby she was carrying had no chance of surviving after birth. But that did not stop this Effingham, South Carolina mom from carrying the baby with the fatal condition to full term.

And she did it for one simple reason only. Rogers wanted to find closure through pregnancy.
Although Rogers’s baby was diagnosed with anencephaly when she was seven months pregnant, she decided the right thing for her to do was to deliver the child into the world.

Because doctors learned that the little baby girl, Emersyn, would be born without vital parts of her brain and skull, they predicted that she could not survive in the world. Shortly after birth, she would be expected to die.

Doctors suggested that Rogers should terminate her pregnancy. But Rogers and her husband Michael, 29, knew that was not an option because of their beliefs. Instead, they decided to carry the fated baby to full term until she was ready to come into the world via a C-section.

“We’re going to get to see her and hold her. That gives me a lot of peace,” Brandi Rogers told “She is loved, and I want to celebrate her like I do [my other kids].”

Rogers knew that she could never bring herself to terminate the child or induce the birth too early. If she did, she could not live with the woman she’d become.

“[If] I terminated or induced early, I’m going to walk away at the end of the day without a baby.”

Rogers is already a mother of two. The Rogers have 1-year-old Haigan and 3-year-old Lawson in their family. She knows that the most difficult part of the process will be helping these children get through the loss of their unborn baby sister.

“It’s going to be hard to explain to Lawson, my son, why we’re not bringing her home,” she said, explaining Haigan already knows he’s about to have another younger sister. “My main focus is to make sure he’s not scarred from it and doing it in the right way for his age.”

Rogers hopes that Emersyn’s body can be donated to help other sick children in the name of science.

“If something good can come from using Emersyn’s organs to look into what could cause anencephaly, maybe one day they’ll have a cure and another family doesn’t have to feel the way we’re feeling,” Rogers said. “There’s a lot of good in that.”


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