Doctor’s Discover What’s Inside 13-Year-Old Girl, Then She Reveals Her Horrifying Secret

Doctors were horrified to learn that a 13-year-old girl was pregnant, but even more disturbed by the news that she had allegedly been impregnated by her mother’s boyfriend. The Pinellas Park, Florida, girl made the shocking charge after she was brought to the doctor by her mother. It is currently unknown why the mother brought her there in the first place, but her pregnancy was discovered upon examination.

Doctors eventually found that the girl had been pregnant for four months, leading her to point to her mother’s boyfriend, 41-year-old Mark Philip Sutton, as being responsible. Sutton was a longtime pedophile and rapist who the girl said had been abusing her since she was 8 years old. According to reports from WFLA, Sutton was subsequently arrested and faces several charges of lewd or lascivious molestation, sexual battery and capital sexual battery.

The condition of the victim following the horrific admission was not revealed. Many readers questioned whether or not the girl’s mother was aware of the alleged abuse, considering how long it went on. “If this pedophile had a previous record of sexual offences, how is it that he was able to live under the same roof with a preteen girl? Aren’t they supposed to avoid contact with minors, and be monitored to make sure they follow these rules? According to the victim, this had been ongoing since she was eight years old. How could this not be known to the mother?” one reader commented on Facebook.

“The mother had to know something was going on for that long. He must have threatened the child. You don’t have to have a boyfriend living with you it’s that bad now. Make sure you know everything about them first,” another added. Others called for Sutton to face the death penalty for the act. “People like this should be eligible for the death penalty, or at least a life sentence without parole. What a sick, depraved man. I hope the child can recover from this long-term abuse,” one reader commented.

“Pedophiles should be executed. The pedophile ring in DC ‘Podestagate’ and the pedophile group in Hollywood they should all be executed. What these sick people, both males and females, are doing to our young is sick beyond imagination. A lot of these victims will never recover and never be able to have normal healthy relationships for the rest of their lives,” another added.

Sources: Newsiosity

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