• February 22, 2024

Doctor Tells Parents To Leave Baby Overnight, Parents Return To Disgusting Find

 Doctor Tells Parents To Leave Baby Overnight, Parents Return To Disgusting Find

A new mother and father in Singapore brought their one-month-old baby to the hospital. They left the baby in the care of a Muslim doctor and nurse.

When the parents returned the next day, the found that their 1-month-old had been mutilated. The muslim doctor decided to perform a female genital mutilation operation, without the parents knowledge or consent.

What’s worse, is that FGM is legal in Singapore.

Most female muslims in Singapore are all mutilated, although the practice is not usually spoken about in public. Most fathers are left out of making this decision. (Michigan Doc Charged With Female Genital Mutilation Of 6-Year-Old Girls)

FGM is common in Muslim countries and is becoming common in countries like Singapore with a rising Muslim population. The little baby’s clitoris had been cut off, and her genitals had been sewn shut. (Two More Muslims Arrested For Female Genital Mutilation At Detroit-Area Clinic)

Filzah Sumartono, with the women’s rights group AWARE, told Reuters that The cutting is generally done only by doctors.

“We know five or six clinics offer the procedure — at around 20-35 Singapore dollars ($15-$26),” she said. “There’s no legislation. It’s done openly. You can just call up to make an appointment.”

Many countries have officially outlawed FGM, which has a high mortality rate. Little girls who are given the procedure often experience complications, such as difficulty urinating, infection, and, when they grow up, trouble with intercourse and childbirth. The barbaric procedure is meant to help keep baby girls ‘pure’. (Maine ACLU: Female Genital Mutilation Should Not Be A Crime)

Despite being outlawed, the practice persists. Few victims will speak out against it for fear of backlash by their family, or out of embarrassment.

H/T: Newsiosity

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