• June 12, 2024

Do You Know Why Police Tap Your Taillight During Traffic Stop

 Do You Know Why Police Tap Your Taillight During Traffic Stop

Have you ever noticed that after you are pulled over the cop or state trooper taps your taillight? Have you ever thought about it and wondered why? There are actually a couple of reasons, one of which is a little outdated. Today, cameras are cheap and easy to use but before that police would tap on your taillight, thereby leaving their fingerprint in case they need proof later in case you assault them or speed off.

If you’re nervous when you get pulled over by a cop, you’re not alone. Even though you may not have done anything wrong, it’s easy to still end up feeling guilty about something. Your jitters may get worse if you happen to spot the policeman walking towards you in the review mirror, only for him to suddenly stop and touch your taillight.
Why do cops do that? It may seem like just a little tap, but when an officer touches a taillight, it has more meaning than most people realize.

The ritual of touching a taillight actually goes back to the good old days of policing the highways. Before the invention of dash cams, policemen were super sneaky with their tactics. But don’t worry, they weren’t crooked cops or doing anything illegal. In fact, these law enforcement officers were actually hoping to catch the driver or passengers unawares.
You see, it’s not uncommon for people to try and hide their illicit drugs or guns right after they are pulled over by a cop. Tapping the taillight has the benefit of startling these criminals before they can finish hiding their stash of ill-gotten goods.

Next time you get pulled over and have your taillight tapped, you will know why at least.

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