• June 15, 2024

Do You Have Trypophobia? The Fear You Might Not Realize You’re Suffering From [VIDEO]

 Do You Have Trypophobia? The Fear You Might Not Realize You’re Suffering From [VIDEO]

You may not realize it, but you most likely suffer from Trypophobia which is a common phobia yet most thave not encountered it yet. Thanks to the internet though, it has become a growing issue thanks to the numerous photos people post. Most of these images are photoshopped but people’s reactions are nothing short of disgusted and creeped out. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below that was posted by The Mirror.

We all know people who suffer from phobias, from being scared of the dark to having an irrational fear of flying. But one of the less common phobias is trypophobia.

Officially defined as a “fear of holes”, it may seem funny at first, but sufferers often flinch at the sight of things like bubbles, foam or other objects with clusters of holes or bumps.

Upon seeing these shapes, some people say they shudder, feel their skin crawl, experience panic attacks, sweat, and feel nauseous or itchy. So it could be triggered by the dry seed pod of a lotus flower.

What do the experts say?

Some scientists and psychologists question whether the fear meets the criteria of being a ‘phobia’ – but thousands of people claim to suffer from it on blogs and internet forums. Cardiff-based counselor and hypnotherapist, Simon English, has been treating people with phobias – including trypophobia – for more than 10 years, according to Wales Online.

Mr. English – who runs a hypnotherapy clinic in the city center – said: “I spoke to one client who was suffering from trypophobia. She mentioned a fear of holes – things like honeycomb and a particular flower.

“It was more of a general feeling of disgust – it doesn’t look very nice, does it?

“For a lot of people with phobias, it can stem from a feeling of not being in control and can sometimes lead to catastrophic thinking.

“Quite often things that affect the mind can also affect the body, which is why some people feel their skin crawl or get sweaty palms and palpitations.”

How did the video make you feel? Are you grossed out now, do you feel sick to your stomach, or did it not affect you at all? Phobias can come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part, we are able to avoid these panic-inducing situations and go on with our lives. Unfortunately for those that do suffer from Trypophobia, the problem has only gotten worse thanks to the internet and those sadistic people using Photoshop who want to see others suffer.

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