Do Texas Transgender Students Lose Out With Texas Senate ‘Bathroom Bill’? [VIDEO]

Transgender bathrooms in public buildings in Texas, including public schools took a serious hit this week according to UPI. Senate Bill 6 survived attacks by pro-gay rights forces and appears headed to a victory for pro-Christian supporters who want bathroom use in schools and buildings managed by local governments.

The meat of the bill if it becomes law, would bar local governments from establishing policies that allow for allow for multiple-occupancy restrooms that don’t match students’ birth sex. This in effect would restore the privacy of the bathroom to those who feel the gay rights agenda has gone too far over the line.

In addition, the Texas bill would also be extended to school sports. The law will prohibit local governments from creating policies for students’ “participation in athletic activities” — effectively barring transgender athletes from joining school teams, reported UPI.

With the senate voting 21-10 to send the proposed law to the Texas house, one can only imagine that those who attacked the measure in the upper chamber will be marshalling forces to prevent the house from passing the bill. The anti-bill organizers have Texas House Speaker Joe Straus on their side. He has stated that he is against the bill and has labeled it unnecessary and harmful to transgender children and possibly hazardous to the state’s economy.

The senate bill author strongly disagrees. Republican Sen. Lois Kolkhorst stressed, that she launched the bill in the senate as a way to regulate how local governments and schools manage access to bathrooms and private facilities. She stated in the senate debate of the bill, “This bill would hit what I call the reset button and provide the privacy and safety that Texans expect.”

Sen. Kolkhorst also addressed the portion of the law which prohibits transgender athletes from participating in school sports. She stated, that she did not she did not “believe that it’s right for boys to compete against girls,” according to UPI.

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