Disturbed Passenger Reveals Stark Truth About Boarding Delay

Airport officials and police were called to a Spirit Airlines loading gate after a “disturbed” passenger caused a major scene while the flight was being boarded in preparation to leave Las Vegas this weekend. Evidently, the man took the city’s slogan of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” a little too literal. The police have declined to release the subjects identity.

Officials say that it all started when a male passenger became frustrated with the speed in which the plane was being loaded. The obviously disturbed man had some words with one of the attendants at the gate and the next thing anyone knew, he was taking off his clothing. As a result, the flight suffered an unexpected delay while the situation was handled. One witness put it very simply; “A male passenger got naked while boarding and approached a flight attendant, that resulted in a major delay”

After police and medical responders arrived the man was taken into custody and after an initial interview was transported to a local hospital for mental evaluation. Officers said they didn’t know if any charges would be filed against the man. Lt. Carlos of the Las Vegas Police Department said; “The passenger received medical treatement after the episode.” he declined any additional comment on the situation.

McCarran International Airport spokesman Chris Jones told KSNV; “He removed his clothes and then approached a flight attendant. Metro officers were called and he was given medical attention and was removed from the gate area.”

The Happy Ending to this story is that despite the delay of approximately 30 minutes which Saturday’s incident caused, the plane still managed to arrive in Oakland, California only 20 minutes late. Boy, those Pilots must have flown like their pants were on fire to get there that quickly.


R.L. Grimes

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