DISGUSTING: Is Your Olive Oil Fake? Stop Buying The Brands On This List NOW

Some of these are just gross and horrible for your family’s health

Olive oil has been “all the health rage” for the last several years and for good reason. Healthy fats keep the brain and body running the way they were designed to run. Remember the low-fat craze of the 1980’s? Those days are over.

Unfortunately, there is a 70% chance that the olive oil in your pantry is not the kind that you want for optimum health, In fact, it is not even close.

Currently, seven of the largest olive oil manufacturers in the United States cut their product with less expensive, inferior oils, like canola oil or sunflower oil. This saves the company large amounts of production dollars, at the expense of their customers and their customer’s health.

In 2008, 400 Italian police officers conducted a crackdown named “OPERATION GOLDEN OIL.” They uncovered 85 olive oil producing farms that were adding chlorophyll to sunflower and canola oil and then selling it as extra virgin olive oil. The mixture is perfumed, colored, and flavored before being distributed.

The operation inspired the Australian government to conduct their own study and eventually NOT ONE brand in the country of Australia was given a certification as being “pure.”

Recently, the University of California studied 124 brands of extra virgin olive oil, and more than 70% of the brands failed the test.

Here is the list:


  • Pompeian
  • Colavita
  • Star
  • Sasso
  • Antica Badia
  • Primadonna
  • Carapelli
  • Mazola
  • Felippo Berio
  • Safeway
  • Whole Foods
  • Carapelli
  • Coricelli
  • Mezzetta


  • Corto Olive
  • Ottavio
  • Omaggio
  • Bariani Olive Oil
  • Lucini
  • Kirkland Organic
  • Lucero
  • Olea Estates
  • McEvoy Ranch Organic
  • Cobram Estate
  • California Olive Ranch

Additionally, there are some tests you can do yourself to gauge your olive oil. Place the bottle in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. If the oil is starting to solidify, then it likely contains a large amount of monounsaturated fat, which is a good thing.

You can also pay attention to the certifications, “Australian Extra Virgin Certified” or “California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin.” Knowledge is power, right?


E. Goldstein

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