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Did James Comey Commit Perjury During His Testimony? Looks Like He Did

 Did James Comey Commit Perjury During His Testimony?  Looks Like He Did

James Comey may have put himself in a real fix during his testimony last week.  After admitting that he was responsible for the leak to the New York Times.  Then he claimed that the reason he did it was not political but was because of a tweet President Trump made that alluded to the fact that Trump might have tapes of his conversation with Comey.

Based on that testimony many on the right want an investigation into the leaking and on Comey for perjury.  The NYT first wrote about the loyalty oath on May 11th, 2017.  But Trump’s tweet took place on May 12th.  That’s the day after.  Comey lied.

 What raised some people’s suspicions about this claim from Comey, including Trump’s attorney Mark Kasowitz, is that The Times story published on May 16 contained many similarities to a story The Times had published the previous week, before Trump had ever sent out the May 12 tweet.

This raises the question: Did Comey also have a friend leak the information for the May 11 article, as well?

If he did orchestrate such a leak, his Trump tweet explanation falls apart.

In regard to the May 11 article, Isaac Simpson of Medium wrote, “It makes little sense that ‘associates’ of Comey would remember the verbiage of the conversation with such detail, and then independently leak that verbiage without any direction from Comey himself, particularly when Comey admitted that he was willing to make such leaks only a week later.”

Attorney Kasowitz also highlighted this fact in a statement he released to the public after the hearings.

“The public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from these memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey’s excuse,” a statement from Kasowitz said.


Note the date: 05/11/2017


H/T Conservative Tribune

and New York Times


Now, note the date on the Tweet.  05/12/2017 Comey lied and democratic dreams died.

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