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Deputies Find Mummified Man In Home Closet, And Wife With Fantastic Excuse

 Deputies Find Mummified Man In Home Closet, And Wife With Fantastic Excuse

Woman Kept Husband’s Mummified Body in Closet For 2 Years – photo credit – YouTube

When the Bernalillo County, New Mexico deputies came to serve an eviction notice at a home last month they detected that things were very far from normal. According to Inside Edition, they found a man’s wife, a horrid smell, a mummified man and the solution to a two-year old mystery which resulted in the woman being sent to a psychiatric hospital.

When the deputies entered the house they quickly searched the premises and found the woman’s husband’s body in the home’s walk-in closet, with blankets tucked neatly around him and a pillow under his head. The deputies questioned the wife, whose name has not been released, admitted that her husband had passed away in 2015, but that she did not know how to come to terms with dealing with his death. Law enforcement officials indicated that the wife was admitted to a mental health facility for evaluation and treatment

The question of the husband’s whereabouts for two years was something of a mystery to his son. Thomas Huerta, the man’s son was disturbed at the death and location of his deceased father. He insisted, “I would never have imagined that he would be laying in the closet in a mummified state,” according to KOAT-TV.

Huerta had attempted to make contact with his father last October when he and his pregnant girlfriend visited his dad’s home in order to introduce her to his father. Unfortunately, no one answered the door when he arrived. He admitted, “Not only was she in there, but so was his mummified corpse.” He added, “I try not to think about it. It is very difficult,” reported KOAT-TV.

The wife told authorities that her husband had serious back pains and found sleeping in the closet more comforting for him. In addition, even though he would cough up bile he insisted that he did not want to go to the hospital. Area legal officials are still investigating how the mummified man died and if his wife should be charged.

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